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    • College Slam BasketballIt's 2 – 2 basketball emulator. It is possible to play a single match, tournament or season.
    • Lakers vs CelticsLakers vs. Celtics is an amazing, realistic simulation of the 1989 NBA playoffs, which features the eight teams that made the quarterfinals.
    Fast-breaking NBA action! Spectacular all-new "Fast-Breaking View" allows you to lead the break up and down the court. Monster jams, raining 3-pointers, and wizard-like assists make NBA Actiion '95 the play maker of the hardwood! Check out the highlights: All 27 NBA teams and real players! Create up to 40 players. Play a Full Season, Playoffs or the NBA Finals! 30 Hall of Fame greats! Trade players to create a dynasty! Extensive play calling features.
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    • Judge Dredd - The MovieJudge Dredd is a platform action game based on the British comic book character of the same name and the 1995 movie that tarnished that name.
    • StargateTravel through the StarGate to a new intergalactic dimension of non-stop action, danger and adventure! Face a hostile and unknown world in over 30...
    The game is a side scroller Beat 'em up which consists of moving from left to right and from right to left beating any enemies on screen.
  • NBA Action

    It's time once again to hit the hardwood with “The Admiral” and the rest of the NBA in NBA Action 95 Starring David Robinson.
    Sega Genesis
  • Sega Genesis
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  • Puzzle and Action - Ichidant

    Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R is a Puzzle game, developed by CRI and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 1995.
    Sega Genesis
  • Puzzle and Action - Ichidant screenshotsPuzzle and Action - Ichidant screenshotsPuzzle and Action - Ichidant screenshots
  • Action 52-in-1

    Action 52 features 52 different games in a single game! The games are selected from one of three menus and are mostly side scrolling, platform or shooter action games.
    Sega GenesisNES
  • Sega Genesis
  • Puzzle and Action - Tanto screenshotsPuzzle and Action - Tanto screenshotsPuzzle and Action - Tanto screenshots
  • Action in New York

    In this shooter you are supposed to clean up the Big Apple from fish-like invaders from outer space led by Vile Malmort.
  • NES
  • NES